Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Making Painted Paper Boxes

 At our March Koala Girls Retreat some of us worked on making paper boxes. Karen bought some scrap booking supplies at a yard sale a few years back and in the supplies were the templates for making these two different boxes.

Karen made these out of layered painted mid-weight watercolor paper. Karen paints a sheet of paper, then cuts the shape of the box out of that painted sheet.

Lynn  has cut out the shape of the box and is painting it from that template.

This is the first layer, using blue acrylic paint.

Lynn will be posting picture's of the finished box soon.

Below you will see the beginning of a new sheet of watercolor paper. The corner has been cut off, because that is the part of the paper Lynn cut her template from. Karen not wanting to waste this good paper decided to use it with the cut out section. She painted the background with orange and yellow acrylic paint. Then she has added some shapes with pencil.
Color was added on the acrylic surface with watercolor paints, and oil pastel crayons. The final step was stamped shapes and a light coat of clear mat medium to seal the surface.

This shows on the back side of the paper, the traced templates that are ready to cut out.

These are images of the cut out template and the box made from this template

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